About the Ombud's office for Students


Who & What for?

The Student Ombud’s office

– reviews the concerns brought to it, provides aid or mediates in individual cases together with the respective organs and members of the educational institution or with other institutions that deal with student issues.

– Points out systemic deficiencies.

– cooperates with advocacy groups, higher education information and ombud’s offices, as well as advocacy groups and umbrella organizations in higher education.

– treats all inquiries confidentially.

For whom?

The Student Ombud’s office provides services to

– students

– prospective students

– applicants

– former students

at public universities, private universities, universities of applied sciences and universities of education.


What is the Ombud’s office for Students mission?


Students may turn to the ombud’s office for information and advice on study, teaching, examination, service and administrative matters at higher education institutions.


In the event of problems in the above-mentioned areas, the ombud’s office contacts those responsible locally and endeavors to find solutions.


In the event of problems that cannot be settled directly at the institutions or that involve several institutions, the Ombud’s office is available for mediation services.

Which do we provide service?

  • Admission procedures and admissions
  • Mobility during studies
  • Study support
  • Study conditions
  • Examinations
  • Recognitions
  • Studying with a disability(ies)
  • Student residence matters


Where can’t we help?

The Student  Ombud’s office may not

  • change existing regulations (laws, ordinances, decrees),
  • annul legal decisions,
  • intervene in ongoing proceedings,
  • represent students in court. The Ombud’s office for Students has no authority to issue directives. A written or personal contact does not suspend respite in ongoing proceedings.



The Ombud’s office for Students in the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research provides advice and assistance.

Mag.a Anna-Katharina Rothwangl
Ombud’s office for Students